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The following Next Generation consent documentation is available for viewing or printing offline in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Downloaded files can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If necessary this software can be downloaded from the Acrobat website by clicking the button below.

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As the Otago Regional Council hearing progresses, updates of additional information provided as well as evidence will be uploaded to the ORC website. Click on the following link to be directed there.

Otago Regional Council (Opens new window)

The additional reports and information below have been completed since the submissions closing and referred to in Port Otago's hearing evidence.

New Era Plume Modelling Report (Bell & Reeve 2010)

NIWA Letter regarding T&T Peer Review

Review of Port Otago Dredging Project: Harbour and Offshore Modelling - Tonkin & Taylor

NIWA Summary Letter for ocean currents measured at A0 disposal site

Current Measurements at A0 Disposal Ground - Field Data Report

Review of Port Otago Dredging Project: Harbour and Offshore Modelling - Ross Vennell, Department of Marine Science, University of Otago

Application and AEE 25 May 2010

Appendix A - Drawings 25 May 2010

Reports Summary 25 May 2010 **

Ecological Environment & Assessment (NIWA-James)

Offshore Ecology (NIWA-Willis)

Harbour Ecology (BSL_OxU)

Harbour Rocky Shores (BSL-Paavo)

TeRauone Latham Bay Ecology

Bird Foraging (NIWA-Sagar)

Fisheries Preliminary (Boyd)

Preliminary Summary of Ecological (NIWA-James)

Physical Coastal Environment and Assessment (Single)

Hydrodynamic Modelling

ADCP field report (NIWA-Hart)

Prelim Physical Coastal Environment (Single Benn)

Prelim Hydrodynamic Report (NIWA-Bell)

Physical Coastal Environment Bibliography (Single Benn) **

Short History of Harbour Dredging (CPG-Davis)

Geotechnical Factual (OPUS)

Geotechnical Interpretation (OPUS)

Dredging Methodology (Pullar Hughes)

Vessel Effects (Pullar Single)

Economic Impacts (Butcher) **

SH88 Transport Review (TDG)

Rail Infrastructure (KiwiRail)

Port Capacity Assessment (Port Otago)

Noise (Marshall Day)

Cultural Impact Assessment **

Key Species Ngai Tahu (James Boyd Probert) **


** Reports noted as such above are added, amended or updated revisions that have been posted since the documents were updated on 12 March 2010.