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South Gate Rail Service
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VesselVoyageArrival DateArrival TimeDeparture DateDeparture TimeLast Free DayStorage Starts Date
Leda MaerskLED511N2/02/20156:36 a.m.3/02/20151:21 p.m.6/02/20157/02/2015
Oluf MaerskOLF503N28/02/20156:32 a.m.1/03/20158:24 a.m.4/03/20155/03/2015
Lexa MaerskLEX515N1/03/20152:32 p.m.2/03/20153:18 p.m.5/03/20156/03/2015
Passat SpringPAS509R2/03/201511:18 a.m.2/03/20159:06 p.m.5/03/20156/03/2015
Xin Chang ShaCHA368N3/03/20159:18 p.m.4/03/201512:00 p.m.7/03/20158/03/2015

Please see Pricing & Terms of Trade for information on Demurrage charges.