Community and Environment

Port Otago Limited is committed to its local community (Port Chalmers) and the environment. The Port Environment Liaison Committee continues to provide a vital link to the community and is an important forum to monitor the Company's environmental performance.  The Committee, which comprises representatives from Port Otago, the Port Chalmers community and Port users, meets six-weekly to discuss a range of issues including noise, landscaping and lighting within the port area.

The Company continues to actively support a wide range of community group and local projects.  Along with contributing towards the running costs for the Port Chalmers Maritime Museum, Port Otago Limited has assisted with the upgrading of the Port Chalmers Town Hall by funding the cost of new seating.  The Company also made a significant contribution to the development of a cycle/walking track from Dunedin's boat harbour to Ravensbourne.


Port Environment Plan 

This Port Environment Plan has been developed to ensure a long-term commitment by Port Otago Limited to the environment in which the Port operates.

Port Environment Plan 2016


Port Otago Noise Subsidies

An outline of the contribution level from Port Otago to the various noise zones in the Port Chalmers area.

Port Otago Noise Subsidies


Acoustic Treatment Work 

Port Otago has successfully completed a significant number of acoustic treatment works on properties neighbouring the Port over the last eight years. The process has included a lot of learning and is worthy of summarising and sharing for the benefit of others. 

The Principles of Acoustic Treatment document gives an overview of the underlying principles of acoustic treatment. It also gives descriptions and examples of the type of work done to different elements of a dwelling to reduce the internal noise.

Principles of Acoustic Treatment.pdf