Cruise Ship - Wharf Vehicle Access

To eliminate the risk of incidents between people and machines on our berths, all persons including contractors’ and visitors’ vehicles will be restricted from accessing  Container No 1 and/or Beach Street wharf during the berthing procedure.  This will include vehicles belonging to ship agents, providores and tour operators.  Contractors providing crane services and POL side-loaders are excluded from this restriction.

In addition to vessel berthing, no vehicles will be permitted on to the wharf at any time unless working, such as; transport operators, delivery vehicles permitted one at a time authorised by the Cruise Ship Coordinator or Duty PFSO. Please note this pertains to Cruise Ship business only.

The gate at the side of our Cruise Terminal will remain closed and locked prior to the vessel’s arrival to restrict any vehicles from accessing the wharf - either Beach St or the Container Terminal.

A Port Otago staff member (assigned in the security role on the day), or contracted security staff will be positioned at the walkway area in front of the Terminal to stop  any persons not directly involved in the gangway/ship operations for arrival. The sign that was purpose built for this instruction will be reinstated, this will be removed once the all clear is given which will only come from the Cruise Ship Coordinator or Duty PFSO.

All persons not involved in the ship’s arrival operation, but who are required to board the vessel prior to the vessel being cleared (Govt. officials) shall wait inside the Cruise Terminal until the wharf has been cleared by Lines crew and crane/side-loader operators.

All vehicle access for Cruise Ships, except for buses, will be via the side gate at the Cruise Terminal or  through A shed, at the discretion of the Cruise Ship Coordinator or the Duty PFSO.  The only vehicles through the Terminal Gate will be Titan Cranes and EMERGENCY services with the exception being traffic being redirected due to the Ovation of the Seas’ deployment of a breast line.

Pipe bands

  • No vehicles permitted on to the wharf, assistance will be available to get their equipment to the vessel.
  • Arrangements will be made for where they are to be positioned, and they are not to move from this area.

Holding area for people, when vessel in berthed on the Container Terminal remains the Cruise Terminal.

Vehicle access will remain restricted outside the main doors until the all clear is given.

Once the vessel has sailed and all personnel have vacated the area then the Cruise Co-ordinator or Duty PFSO will give clearance to the  Terminal Supervisor that the wharf is clear.