Schedule of Charges

Unless otherwise noted:

  • All rates are effective from 1st July 2016
  • All prices exclude GST
  • Standard Terms and Conditions apply
  • All rates are quoted in New Zealand Dollars

Marine Services Charges

Channel Navigation

Includes Pilotage, Beacons & Lights, Channel Dredging, Mole Maintenance and Harbour Control. Rate is per visit.

 Rate Per Visit
 Lower Harbour (Port Chalmers)Upper Harbour (Dunedin)
Channel Navigation $0.43 per GT $0.55 per GT
- Minimum Charge $3,050 $3,300
Vessels over 65,000 GT $27,950 + $0.10 per GT above 65,000 N/A
Pilot Exempt Vessels $0.33 per GT $0.44 per GT
- Minimum Charge $1,000 $1,000
Channel Navigation for shifting vessel from Dunedin to Port Chalmers or vice versa $0.17 per GT $0.17 per GT
- Minimum Charge $825 $825
Shift Vessel within Dunedin or Port Chalmers Berths $0.115 per GT $0.115 per GT
- Minimum Charge $715 $715



Includes tug and labour within harbour limits, prices quoted per tug per leg.

 Lower Harbour 
(Port Chalmers)
Upper Harbour 
Towage Rate $0.16 per GT $0.20 per GT
Minimum Charge $1,600 $1,600
Maximum Charge $4,250 $4,250
Shift Vessel (per hour) $1,675 $1,675


Berthage is charged on a per day basis (24 hours or part thereof) from the time the vessel berths. It covers berth hire and lighting.

 Lower Harbour 
(Port Chalmers)
Upper Harbour 
Berthage per day (24 hours) or part thereof. $0.125 per GT $0.125 per GT
Min. charge for Vessels up to 500 GT $95 $95
Min. charge for Vessels over 500 GT $120 $120
Maximum charge per day $7,500 $7,500
Linesmen - per man, per shift $112.00 $112.00

Fishing Tariff

  Vessel Shift
Within Dunedin or Port Chalmers
Channel Navigation
- Minimum Charge
$0.53 per GT

Pilot Exempt Vessels
- Minimum Charge
$0.30 per GT
Towage, per tug move $0.19 per GT  
Min. charge for vessels, 3000 GT & under $975 $975
Min. charge for vessels over 3000 GT $1525 $1525
Berthage, per day or part thereof
- Minimum Charge
$0.115 per GT

Linesmen (if required) $112.00 per man  

Gangway (if required) - per day

- Per hour (up to 6 hours)


$90 per hour



Containerised Cargo

Full Containers 20' $65
40' $130
Empty Containers 20' $25
40' $50

Non-Containerised Cargo

Bulk Liquid Fuels 1000l $4.75
Bitumen Tonne $5.10
Fertiliser Tonne $4.75
Bulk Cement Tonne $3.40
LPG Tonne $3.75
Scrap Metal Tonne $4.25
Fish Tonne $4.15
Sawn Timber m3 $4.75
All other Cargoes (Tonne or m3) $5.65


LogsWharfage and Storage
Wharfage and Storage $7.50 jas m3
Wharf Cleaning $0.50 jas m3

The storage rate covers the first four weeks (28 days) or part thereof. If the storage requirement exceeds 28 days, an additional charge of $1.50 per jas m3 is payable for each subsequent period of 7 days (or part thereof).

Importer/Exporter Inspections (Full)

All rates are exclusive of GST

Importer/Exporter Full Inspections 20’ & 40’ $125.00
Customs Scan $125.00

Transit Charge (Full)

All rates are exclusive of GST

Receive full container by road/rail and release by road/rail $140.00 plus storage charge

Export Storage (Full)

All rates are exclusive of GST

All Periods 20' $12.50 per day
40' $25.00 per day

A free storage period of ten days prior to the vessel arrival will be allowed.

Demurrage (Import Storage)

All rates are exclusive of GST

All Periods 20' $33.00 per day
40' $66.00 per day

For details of availability, refer to the Demurrage Schedule

A free storage period of three days after the day of vessel departure will be provided. This free storage period will include a minimum of two clear business days. After the free storage period ends, any chargeable days will include weekends and public holidays.

Reefer Monitoring Charges

All rates are exclusive of GST

Reefer Monitoring $30.00 per day

Extra Moves (Containers)

All rates are exclusive of GST

20' $33.00
40' $66.00


Port Otago - Customer Services

Enquiries should be directed to Customer Services

+63 3 472 9876


Christchurch and Timaru cargo

Enquiries should be directed to Customer Services

+64 3 357 2146


Vehicle Imports

Wharfage Per Vehicle $68
Per Truck/oversized & Heavy equipment $89
De-vanning Per Vehicle (Cars/Trucks)
(additional handling charges may apply)
(additional handling charges may apply)
Delivery Per Car $32
Per Truck/oversized & Heavy equipment $89
Cleaning Steam Clean $135
Wash $95
Wash Wheel Arches $95
Wash Radiator $32
Wash Spare Wheel $21
Vacuum Interior $74
Vacuum Boot / Bonnet $42
Vacuum Engine $42
Vacuum Firewall $32
Clean Deck $95
Storage A free storage period of 3 business days applies from the time the vehicle becomes available for collection by the importer
Per Vehicle, per day (after free storage period) $45


ISPS Code Level

All vessels excluding containers, cruise, leisure and fishing vessels

Vessel Security Charge $262 per visit

Full Container Security

Import or Export but excluding Transhipment containers

Full Container Security Fee $2.95 per container

Cruise Vessel Security

Up to 500 Passengers $750 per Vessel
501-1000 Passengers $1,200 per Vessel
1001 Passengers Plus $1,800 per Vessel

Security Charges at all Dunedin Wharves

(includes Ravensbourne, Oil, LPG and conventional berths)

ISPS Vessels berthing at Dunedin Wharves will incur extra Security Charges for additional security personnel to ensure that we are compliant under the ISPS Code and Maritime Security Act 2004.

The number of guards will depend on the type of operation the ship is conducting (i.e. logs, scrap, cement), the berth involved and facilities required. Port Otago uses a preferred Security Company to provide guards. More information is available from the Port Security Manager (021-229 8714)

Other Charges

Garbage Disposal

200l Drum $74.00
Small Drum $58.00
Bag/Small Can $27.00
Loose Garbage/Waste - first 300kg $3.70 per kg
Loose Garbage/Waste - over 300kg $2.65 per kg


Water supplied to vessels $3.95 per 1000 litres
Minimum Charge – up to 5,000 GRT $99.00
Minimum Charge – over 5,000 GRT $126.00


Connection / Disconnection $136
Daily Rate $0.79
Electricity Consumption Summer 1/9 to 31/3 $0.185 per unit
Winter 1/4 to 31/8 $0.29 per unit

Gangway Hire (includes crane hire)

Hire per day/part thereof
Includes positioning within Port Chalmers and Labour
Positioning gangway to Dunedin
(Additional to above)
Dunedin brow per day $500

Wharf Lights

Oil Wharf $2.35 per light per hour
Ravensdown Wharf $2.35 per light per hour
Log Marshalling $3.50 per hour per Tower

Labour Hire

Per Hour Per person $75
Minimum 1 hour

Equipment Hire

Hamilton Crane per Hour $105
Minimum 1 hour

Over-Dimensional Surcharge

Standard $99
Wires required $405
Crane $1350 (per hour)

Slipway Charges and Conditions

Effective September 2014

Slipping Preparation, Slipping & Unslipping This is charged on an actual cost basis and covers the cost of blocking the slipway to suit the configuration of the vessel plus slipping and unslipping.
First day charge This includes the operational cost of the slipway machinery. (Payable to Port Otago Ltd)
Daily Charge A ‘day’ runs from midnight to midnight. The final ‘daily’ charge includes re-floating and berthing the vessel. Any part of the final day is charged at the full daily rate. (Payable to Port Otago Ltd)
Accessories and Service Charges This is for the ablution & kitchen facilities, and storage. Charges for these services are subject to requirements. (Payable to Port Otago Ltd)
Keys If the vessel owner/representative requires a key to the slipway a $100.00 bond will be charged to the vessels account. This bond will be credited when the key is returned.
Slipway Cleanup After abrasive blasting or water blasting, the cost of cleaning the slipway is charged on an actual cost basis to the customer by Ferrum. A rubbish skip can be arranged to be onsite during the project for discarded materials from the vessel. This cost will be charged to the vessel owner by Ferrum.
Environmental & Safety Certified scaffolding will be erected to ensure a safe working environment for all contractors and sub-contractors. The vessel owner will bear this cost. The scaffolding must be ‘scrimmed’ to contain airborne particles from blasting and painting. Any spray/drift clean up required to nearby buildings or vehicles will be at the vessel owners cost. Any spillages from the vessel will be cleaned up at the owner’s expense. Any materials or resources used in the clean up will be charged to the vessel owner by Ferrum.
Shore Power This is charged at $0.36 per unit. (Payable to Port Otago Ltd)
Water This is charged at $3.00 per tonne. Minimum charge of $100 (Payable to Port Otago Ltd)
Gangway $10.00 per day (Ferrum Engineering)


Displacement TonnesFirst DayEach Subsequent Day
50 Tonnes and under $386 $174
51-100 $541 $290
101-150 $619 $347
151-200 $696 $406
201-250 $773 $505
251-300 $869 $580
301-400 $966 $734
401-500 $1102 $889
501-600 $1236 $1043
601-700 $1372 $1198
701-800 $1507 $1352
801-900 $1642 $1507
901-1000 $1778 $1855

NOTE: All ships staff and visitors to the vessel must adhere to the principles of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and must comply with the safety regulations as set out on the separate sheet titled ‘Slipway Safety’. At all times all personnel must comply with the directions of the Slipmaster.

A waste oil and bilge water disposal facility is available. Prices are available on application

Slipway Enquires: can be made by contacting Scott Pearson Cell 027 515 2222 or Ian Kemp 027 451 5222. Alternatively these people can be contacted on 03 477 9289. All bookings must be confirmed in writing with a deposit if requested.

Credit arrangements must be organised at the time of booking.


The above conditions and rates are subject to change due to circumstances out of our control. Please confirm rates at time of booking.