Experienced pilots ensure all vessels arrive and depart on time with the highest safety standards being observed.  Pilots can be booked by calling +64 3 472 9883, 24 hours a day.


Communications and Contacts

All incoming vessels must provide notice of arrival to Port Otago Harbour Control, 48 and 24 hours in advance, see our Harbour Control page for further details.  Also refer to our list of Marine contacts.


Upper and Lower Harbour Pilotage Guide

The aim of this document is to provide information to the ship’s Bridge Team to assist in constructing a passage plan into Port Otago.  This document is subject to regular review. The online edition may differ from your pilot’s copy which will be the latest version.

Otago Harbour Pilotage Guide - Upper Harbour (Revision 4 - November 2014).pdf   (2.8MB)

Otago Harbour Pilotage Guide - Lower Harbour (Revision 5 - March 2016).pdf   (6.5MB)


Vessel Arrival Information Sheet (VAIS)

All vessels must also complete a Vessel Arrival Information Sheet (below) with arrival and departure data and supply this to Port Otago at least 24 hours before arrival or as soon as possible.

Port Otago VAIS 16 May 2014.doc


Passage Plans

Please find passage plans and charts below.

Port Otago Passage Plan 2018.pdf

Port Otago Passage Plan 2018.xlsx

Port Otago Chartlets 2018.pdf


Approaches and Boarding Grounds

Recommended Anchorage Position

The recommended anchorage position for vessels requiring to anchor prior to proceeding inwards to the berths is:

Anchorage Position: Lat - 45’ 42.89” South    Long - 170’ 41.72” East

Pilot Boarding Areas

There are two Pilot boarding areas on the approaches to the entrance to Otago Harbour.

Alpha – Position: Lat -45’ 42.83” South Long - 170’ 44.80” East  
Bravo – Position: Lat -45’ 43.58” South Long – 170’ 43.69” East

Pilot boarding ground Alpha is the preferred Pilot boarding ground for larger cruise vessels and also for container vessels greater than 225 m LOA and oil tankers.   This boarding ground allows sufficient time for the Pilot to move from the top of the Pilot ladder to the Bridge to conduct the Master/Pilot information exchange prior to closing on the Fairway Beacon.

Boarding Grounds Doctored