Jamie Coppins

Dunedin Depot Supervisor

Jamie Coppins How long have you been at Port Otago?
Since Sept 2019.

What does your role involve?
Taking care of daily operations at the Dunedin Depot. We’re a team of 13: four side-loader drivers, three repairers, two painters, a container washer, a surveyor and admin/operations support. We receive containers in, survey them to the highest possible standard and send them out, washed, painted and/or repaired if necessary. This time of year, we would normally see around 100 containers in or out per day. My job is to ensure the team is tooled to do their daily tasks and go home safely. Because we’re a small team, we often test innovations for the port such as Man vs Machine separation or the new Vehicle Booking System (VBS), which allows us to see in advance what is coming in or going out.

What about health and safety?
Health and safety is a core value of Port Otago. The Dunedin Depot is considered one of the safest container parks in Australasia, with full 360 degree separation of man and machine. All processing areas are segregated with large concrete barriers and a Span Guard closing specific areas while work takes place inside.

Best part of your job?
The people are great and every day is different. There are also wicked opportunities for learning, courses you can get heaps out of, and learning from the people who work here. There’s a vast amount of knowledge at Port Otago.

What did you do before you came to Port Otago?
The bulk of my working life (12 years) has been spent in Europe as Marketing and Sponsorship Manager for an energy drink company, travelling to motorsport events to create marketing content to leverage our sponsorship deals. Since making Dunedin home and before Port Otago, I worked for a transport company as container and storage supervisor.