Contractors need-to-know

Port Otago Limited operates a number of locations incorporating a range of safety sensitive environments where health and safety is of paramount importance.  All contractors who work with Port Otago are required to adopt the Health & Safety guidelines and practices of Port Otago Limited.  Safety planning is good practice, and depending on the work you are contracted to perform you may be required to produce evidence of a safety plan to Port Otago Limited’s satisfaction.

To make our working relationship as seamless as possible please review the following requirements for contractors:

  • Complete the Health and Safety Online Induction every two years
    to ensure that you remain safe whilst working at the Port and that your actions cause minimal impact on the environment. You may be asked to participate in a group-facilitated induction session.

If you are engaged in work involving working at heights, hot work, energy isolation work or confined space work, you will also need to:

  • Request and complete a Port Otago Limited Permit to Work
    prior to starting the contracted work
  • Provide a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
    or similar safety work method statement covering the activities undertaken

Please note:  Evidence of certifications and training of all contractor staff will need to be provided on request.