Zero Harm

Port Otago Limited is committed to caring for people and our environment.

With industry-leading safety initiatives and practices, Port Otago embraces the concepts of safety leadership, shared learning, to ensure our continued progress towards the ultimate goal of Zero Harm in Health and Safety.

People Focused—Zero Harm

The best demonstration of caring for our people and our environment is in the approach we are taking to health and safety.  We will comply with all legislation to ensure that the health and safety of our staff is paramount.

Risk management

Port Otago Limited is actively engaged in risk management at all our sites.

Health and Safety Leadership

Our CEO, and senior staff significantly influence the approach to health and safety within the Port - not only by leading by example but by being seen to be influencing all staff reporting to them.

Sharing and influencing

Port Otago's Board-level Health and Safety Governance Committee assists members in the pursuit of this goal.  The committee aims to initiate and drive health and safety performance improvement and work with government and key stakeholders to support this.