Timber Truck Booking System

Port Otago has introduced a booking system to better manage traffic involved in timber delivery to our "A Shed" warehouse in Port Chalmers.  The system is simple to use and will provide predictable scheduling for all parties.

  • All truck arrivals for unpacking and packing of timber must be pre-booked using Port Otago's Truck Booking system.
  • Failure to pre-book will result in the delivery being serviced at the next available booking (if available)
  • For further information please refer to our Timber Truck Booking System Guide
  • Please note that trucks delivering and picking up shipping containers to or from the Port must NOT use this system
  • For all inquiries please contact jbinnie@portotago.co.nz  

Accessing the booking system

Access the booking system by clicking on the following button:

fauxtile truckbooking