Port Otago appoints new Chair

30 January 2023

TimGibsonJan23 With the retirement of Paul Rea as Port Otago Chair, existing Director Tim Gibson has been appointed to the role.

Tim thanked Paul for his 11 years' service to Port Otago. "Paul was a really good chair to work with. He had a good working relationship with Kevin and the rest of the Leadership Team. Paul was very focused on doing the right thing by the company. It was a pleasure to work with him."

Tim says he will not be making dramatic changes. "We are in good heart, so it will be ‘steady as she goes'. Under Paul's stewardship, we took positive steps towards understanding and meeting the challenges of sustainability – and we will continue to build on that. For our export customers, sustainability will become increasingly important, as they have their own commercial imperatives and customers to satisfy."

Tim's leadership style is about getting the best out of everyone, encouraging diversity of ideas and being inclusive. "Then, when we reach a decision and have clear direction, I'm very focused on delivering. The port has been around for 150 years and we need to make sure it's still around in another 150 years. To do that, we have to achieve a good return on our capital, and meet the expectations of our shareholder and the wider community."

Tim - who has been a Port Otago Director since 2016 - is also a director of Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), Skills Consulting Limited, Silver Fern Farms Limited, ManageMyHealth Global Limited and Omnieye Holdings Limited. He was Chief Executive of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise from 2003 to 2009 and previously held managing director and senior executive positions in dairy cooperatives and New Zealand public companies.

Born and educated in Dunedin, Tim attended Otago Boys High School, then the University of Otago, where he studied German and Law. His executive career started in Dunedin, with Donaghys Limited.



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