Te Rauone Beach restoration work to begin in August

10 July 2021

Work to build three breakwater groynes off Te Rauone Beach begins early next month.

The Te Rauone Beach Coast Care Committee, Te Rūnanga o Ōtākou and Port Otago, have been working together for 10 years, with the goal of restoring and developing the beach amenity.

Central to the restoration is construction of three rock groynes, running perpendicular to the beach. Each of the engineered groynes will extend up to 90 metres from the shore out into the harbour, and require about 15,000 tonnes of rock in total.

Port Otago tendered the project and the board this month awarded it to local civil engineering company, SouthRoads. The decision was based on SouthRoads' planned approach to the construction, experience and capability in this type of construction. Completion is scheduled for December, subject to weather.

While the total project cost is $3 million, the SouthRoads contract is for groynes' construction only. Port Otago's marine plant will carry out the sand renourishment component, early next year once the groynes are built. This is expected to take another three months.

Port Otago Chief Executive Kevin Winders says awarding the contract is the most significant step to date. "It's incredible to think that, after 10 years of paperwork and consultation, we will see action within a month.

"While Port Otago is leading the works programme, it's the men and women of the Te Rauone Beach Coast Care Committee and Te Rūnanga o Ōtākou who have actually made this happen. They have spent a decade and countless hours of their own time to ensure this project comes to fruition. It's appropriate that Port Otago supports this project and helps them see it through. Once completed, our harbour and wider community benefit."

Te Rauone Beach Coast Care Committee member Des Smith says he was expecting the contractor announcement this month, but was pleasantly surprised to hear how quickly work will begin. "The committee is delighted this massive part of the job might be done by Christmas. To think we could be enjoying the new beach by mid next year – it's wonderful news for the committee, our friends on the peninsula and the wider Otago community. Hats off to the Port Otago team members who have toiled away to get us this far."

Des says the contractors will have no shortage of supervisors swinging by to check progress. "The local community is already talking about a roster of regular beach-side barbecues – fish, of course – to keep the SouthRoads team well fed and happy in their work."

SouthRoads Otago Regional Manager Connell Burdon says the company is looking forward to being involved in a project that is so positive for the Otago Peninsula. "It's about developing a beach amenity for the local community and visitors to enjoy.

"Working in a marine environment can be challenging, but we're experienced in managing the associated risks and our skilled team will do a great job."

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For more information, contact:
Kevin Winders – CE Port Otago – 027 432 1530
Des Smith – Te Rauone Beach Coast Care Committee – 021 736 116