Contractor information

Port Otago operates within safety sensitive environments. All contractors must work to our Health and Safety guidelines and practices.

To carry out work for Port Otago, you must complete our Health and Safety Online Induction every two years. It takes up to 50 minutes.  

Contractor Inductions

To find out about Port Otago Inductions for Contractors and Truck Drivers click here.

Contractor Pre-Qualification

This involves Port Otago assessing Business Partners / Port Users to ensure they are committed to safety, have good systems to back up this commitment and can work safely in practice. Prequalification has been around for some time in New Zealand and is a critical step for many organisations in the PCBU management process.
To apply for Pre-Qualification please contact Adam Smith at or +64 21 713058.

Swipe Card Access

Swipe Card Access Requirements for Port Otago