Online Induction

Any one wanting unescorted access to Port Otago is required to complete an online general safety induction.

Before arriving on site

An induction must be completed by each individual, even if more than one person is coming from the same organisation. Remember to state who your contact person is at Port Otago.

Once you have completed the induction and all assessment questions, Port Otago is notified of your result.

Upon arrival

You will also go through a site specific induction for the area you will be working in.

Begin induction now

Online induction: tips

The induction requires the free Adobe Flash Player to be installed. If you do not have this installed you may be prompted to install this plug in. Just follow the instructions on the screen. NB: The induction does not work on Apple iPads or iPhones.

After clicking on the link above to start the induction:

  • Induction Mode: click Single User
  • User Login:
    • If you are an Employee enter your full name (first name and surname), enter Port Otago Limited as the Company
    • If you are a Contractor, enter your full name (first name and surname), enter your employer's full company name as Company, and you must advise the person you are reporting to at Port Otago Limited
  • Induction Type: Click the relevant option depending upon whether you are an Employee, Contractor or Visitor to the Port