Demurrage Schedule

The schedule below shows when storage charges will commence for import containers based on when the relevant vessel departed the Port.

If you are unsure of what voyage your container arrived on, please use the JMT RIA system.

If you're still unclear on when storage charging will begin for your containers, please contact Customer Services +64 3 472 7890.

Leda MaerskLED702N10 Jan 1706:4010 Jan 1720:2113 Jan 1714 Jan 17
PenelopePEN709R3 Mar 1707:483 Mar 1713:307 Mar 178 Mar 17
JPO PiscesPIS168N21 Mar 1721:3622 Mar 1714:3625 Mar 1726 Mar 17
MSC AstridAST712R25 Mar 1711:3025 Mar 1717:4028 Mar 1729 Mar 17