Sustainability, in its simplest form, is doing things in such a way that they can be carried on out without compromising our environment, our people or our viability.  Port Otago is a long-term infrastructure business, we make business decisions about plant and equipment, or channel depths, or operations that will impact on our business for 30 to 40 years. 

Being a sustainable business means operating in such a way, in all parts of the business, that balances and integrates social well-being with environmental health and economic viability.  In other words, we want to run a successful business that always looks after the people who work here and protects the environment we live in.

Our objective is clear - A sustainable, primary deep-water port

Our policy is simple - Sustainable business practice

Our aim is high - Long term environmental health, social well-being, and economic prosperity


Sustainability Initiatives at Port Otago

The initiatives we are currently focussing on to ensure we are running a sustainable business are:

  1. Zero Harm for our staff
  2. Embedding sustainability values throughout the company
  3. Energy use efficiency
  4. Waste management – recycling and reduction