Light vehicle fleet upgrades to electric

Twelve electric vehicles (EVs) are now in full operation around the business – as well as two hybrids, specifically for long-distance travel.

Project Manager Jodi Taylor says the range of the EVs is perfect for on port and between warehouse use, which is all low kilometres. "They can get a daily charge, but some only require a weekly top-up."

The average age of the old light vehicle fleet was 17 years. "While we knew it was time to replace them with modern fit-for-purpose vehicles, it's only recently that the battery technology and price point have reached the threshold for the switch to be viable."

Jodi says the move to EVs was driven by the need to better understand and measure the company's carbon footprint. "Our light vehicle fleet's emissions are relatively tiny compared to our other business activities, but the change is a step in the right direction as we undertake our sustainability journey."

The new EVs look smart and have safety features that were lacking in the old fleet. With full-width LED roof lights, they have greater visibility around the terminal.

There are currently seven 7kw trickle-charging stations and one 22kw fast-charge station. Long-term, there are plans to install one in a location suitable for staff.