Arrival Information

Pilot boarding positions Alpha and Bravo are marked on chart NZ 661. Safe anchorage is available in close proximity, with Taiaroa Head lighthouse bearing 160° (T) and Heyward light tower bearing 220° (T).

Experienced pilots ensure all vessels arrive and depart on time with the highest safety standards observed. Book pilots by calling (03) 4729883, 24 hours a day.


New Zealand Ports Safety Bulletin

Marine Pilot Transfer Arrangements - Issue Date: 15 March 2024


Communication with Vessels

All incoming vessels must provide notice of arrival to Port Otago Harbour Control, 48 and 24 hours in advance.
Harbour Radio - including details of VHF Channels.
Port Otago Marine Staff Contacts


Port Otago’s three tugs are equipped to handle all types of vessels.

Tugs Bollard pull
Otago 58 tonnes
Taiaroa 68 tonnes
Arihi 30 tonnes

Water and Garbage

Fresh water is available at both Port Chalmers and Dunedin, with delivery to the vessel at 25-40 tonnes per hour.
Port Otago will accept only garbage which has been approved by MPI for disposal to shore facilities.

Bunker Facilities

Fixed bunker facilities are available at Dunedin at either the Oil Wharf or at X/Y Berth. The Oil Wharf is the berth most frequently utilised for bunkering with Gas Oil, MDO, LFO and Fuel Oil being readily available ex wharf.

  • Can accept vessels up to 180 metres LOA
  • Vessels up to 185 metres LOA will require a Q88 to be submitted for each voyage
  • Manifold position on the wharf is 100 metres from the outer end of the berth

On X/Y Berth, MDO and LFO are available.

  • Bunker point is 60 metres from the North end of the berth

By special arrangement, it is possible to have fuel delivered by truck ex wharf at various berths in Dunedin and Port Chalmers. Quantities delivered ex truck are limited to MDO only.