Fishing Vessel Schedule

Please note that the information below may not reflect changes made to the schedule in the last five minutes.
7 Aug 21Bilyara8810073ArrivalX/Y sheds09:30PenwardenSeaSea
8 Aug 21Amaltal ExplorerArrivalT/U sheds15:30Amaltal FishingSeaSea
9 Aug 21Ocean Dawn8901470ArrivalX/Y sheds07:30SealordSeaSea
11 Aug 21Ocean Dawn8901470DepartureX/Y sheds20:00SealordSeaSea
12 Aug 21Amaltal ExplorerShiftOil Jetty17:30Amaltal FishingSeaSea
12 Aug 21Amaltal ExplorerDepartureOil Jetty20:30Amaltal FishingSeaSea
21 Aug 21Bilyara8810073DepartureX/Y sheds16:00PenwardenSeaSea
22 Aug 21Tokatu9816153ArrivalX/Y sheds09:30SealordSeaSea
1 Sep 21Antarctic Discovery9123219ArrivalX/Y
1 Sep 21Tokatu9816153DepartureX/Y sheds18:00SealordSeaSea
4 Sep 21Antarctic Discovery9123219DepartureX/Y
8 Sep 21Fortunui8514930ArrivalX/Y sheds06:30Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
9 Sep 21Fortunui8514930DepartureX/Y sheds16:00Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
13 Sep 21PacinuiArrivalX/Y sheds06:30Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
14 Sep 21PacinuiDepartureX/Y sheds16:00Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea