Vessel Schedule


We have provided some tentative vessel information a little further out, however please note these are very likely to change. Due to continued vessel movements and rolled cargo over the past few days please find the adjusted cargo receival windows below. Please note early receival cannot be accommodated.

Rio De Janeiro 128N (ETA 12th)
First acceptance into port is on Monday 2nd 0700.
Last acceptance into port is on Tuesday 10th 2300. (pre-note Tuesday 2300)

Bomar Spring 131R (ETA 15th)
First acceptance into port is on Thursday 29th 0700.
Last acceptance into port is on Saturday 14th 1000. (pre-note Friday 1200)

Monte Rosa 129N (ETA 15th)
First acceptance into port is on Friday 6th 0700.
Last acceptance into port is on Saturday 14th 1500. (pre-note Friday 1200)

Spirit of Auckland 130N (ETA 17th)
First acceptance into port is on Saturday 7th 0700.
Last acceptance into port is on Monday 16th 1200. (pre-note Saturday 1000)

GH Zonda 133R (ETA 25th)
First acceptance into port is on Monday 16th 0700.
Last acceptance into port is on Tuesday 24th 1000. (pre-note Tuesday 1000)

Rio Madeira 131N (ETA 25th)
First acceptance into port is on Monday 16th 0700.
Last acceptance into port is on Tuesday 24th 1000. (pre-note Tuesday 1000)


**Customers trying to bring in containers early or late for a vessel will not be off loaded at the port, this is for both RAIL and ROAD. Rail containers will remain on the wagon and be removed from site when the shunt leaves with KiwiRail.

If you have any further questions please contact


Please note that the information below may not reflect changes made to the schedule in the last five minutes.

6 Aug 21Buffalo9149201DepartureCement07:00Milburn NZLytteltonTimaruPOL
6 Aug 21Karearea136361ArrivalX/Y sheds13:30PenwardenSeaSeaSHIP
6 Aug 21Matuku9657806ArrivalOil Jetty13:30Coastal OilBluffMarsden PointPOL
7 Aug 21Bilyara8810073ArrivalX/Y sheds09:30PenwardenSeaSeaSHIP
7 Aug 21Matuku9657806DepartureOil Jetty13:00Coastal OilBluffMarsden PointPOL
7 Aug 21Hake9397248ShiftBeach14:00Aranui ShippingSeaSeaPOL
8 Aug 21CSC Auspicious9406374ArrivalOil Jetty14:30ISS-McKayLytteltonWellingtonPOL
8 Aug 21Amaltal ExplorerArrivalT/U sheds15:30Amaltal FishingSeaSeaSSA
8 Aug 21Karearea136361DepartureX/Y sheds16:00PenwardenSeaSeaSHIP
9 Aug 21Ocean Dawn8901470ArrivalX/Y sheds07:30SealordSeaSeaSHIP
9 Aug 21CSC Auspicious9406374DepartureOil Jetty13:30ISS-McKayLytteltonWellingtonPOL
10 Aug 21Hake9397248DepartureBeach06:00Aranui ShippingSeaSea
10 Aug 21Bougainville9699244ArrivalLPG10:30Cape ShippingLytteltonWesternport
11 Aug 21Bougainville9699244DepartureLPG08:00Cape ShippingLytteltonWesternport
11 Aug 21Ocean Dawn8901470DepartureX/Y sheds20:00SealordSeaSea
12 Aug 21Rio de Janeiro9357963RIO128NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
12 Aug 21Yangtze Happiness9584243ArrivalBeach09:00Quadrant PacifiNewcastleTauranga
12 Aug 21Amaltal ExplorerShiftOil Jetty17:30Amaltal FishingSeaSea
12 Aug 21Amaltal ExplorerDepartureOil Jetty20:30Amaltal FishingSeaSea
13 Aug 21Rio de Janeiro9357963RIO128NDepartureC/T19:15ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
14 Aug 21Yangtze Happiness9584243DepartureBeach09:30Quadrant PacifiNewcastleTauranga
15 Aug 21Monte Rosa9283215MOR129NArrivalM/P16:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
16 Aug 21Bomar Spring5886441BSP131RArrivalC/T16:00MSCLytteltonBrisbane
17 Aug 21Bomar Spring5886441BSP131RDepartureC/T01:00MSCLytteltonBrisbane
17 Aug 21Oceanmaster9641340ArrivalBeach06:00ISS-McKayLytteltonUnknown
17 Aug 21Matuku9657806ArrivalOil Jetty10:00Coastal OilUnknownUnknown
17 Aug 21Spirit of Auckland9360752AKL130NArrivalC/T14:00ISS-McKayMelbourneNapier
17 Aug 21Monte Rosa9283215MOR129NDepartureM/P23:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
18 Aug 21Matuku9657806DepartureOil Jetty10:00Coastal OilUnknownUnknown
18 Aug 21Spirit of Auckland9360752AKL130NDepartureC/T23:00ISS-McKayMelbourneNapier
19 Aug 21Oceanmaster9641340DepartureBeach01:00ISS-McKayLytteltonUnknown
19 Aug 21Maersk Caelum9724582ArrivalOil Jetty12:30UnknownUnknown
20 Aug 21Maersk Caelum9724582DepartureOil Jetty08:00UnknownUnknown
21 Aug 21Bilyara8810073DepartureX/Y sheds16:00PenwardenSeaSea
22 Aug 21Tokatu9816153ArrivalX/Y sheds09:30SealordSeaSea
23 Aug 21Spirit of Melbourne9362413MEL132NArrivalC/T07:00ISS-McKayMelbourneNapier
24 Aug 21Rio Madeira9348106ArrivalC/T07:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
24 Aug 21Spirit of Melbourne9362413MEL132NDepartureC/T16:00ISS-McKayMelbourneNapier
25 Aug 21GH Zonda9436472GHZ133R ArrivalC/T07:00MSCBluffLyttelton
25 Aug 21GH Zonda9436472GHZ133R DepartureC/T17:00MSCBluffLyttelton
25 Aug 21Rio Madeira9348106DepartureC/T18:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
28 Aug 21Mari Boyle9732979ArrivalOil Jetty09:30NapierUnknown
29 Aug 21Mari Boyle9732979DepartureOil Jetty16:00NapierUnknown
1 Sep 21Antarctic Discovery9123219ArrivalX/Y
1 Sep 21Tokatu9816153DepartureX/Y sheds18:00SealordSeaSea
4 Sep 21Antarctic Discovery9123219DepartureX/Y
8 Sep 21Fortunui8514930ArrivalX/Y sheds06:30Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
9 Sep 21Fortunui8514930DepartureX/Y sheds16:00Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
13 Sep 21PacinuiArrivalX/Y sheds06:30Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
14 Sep 21PacinuiDepartureX/Y sheds16:00Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea