Vessel Schedule


The below is the current vessel information, however please note these are subject to change.

Vessel and VoyageFirst AcceptanceLast AcceptanceVessel Working
Spirit of Auckland 225N Saturday 25th June Friday 1st July Saturday 2nd July
Rio Blanco 224N Thursday 23rd June Friday 1st July Sunday 3rd July
Cali 226R Tuesday 28th June Thursday 7th July Friday 8th July
Rio Negro 225N Friday 1st July Friday 8th July Saturday 9th July
Maersk Bintan 226N Friday 1st July Friday 8th July Sunday 10th July
MSC Sagitta III 227R Friday 1st July Monday 11th July Wednesday 14th July (TBC)
SFL Maui 226N Friday 8th July Thursday 14th July Saturday 16th July
Maersk Bogor 227N Friday 8th July Friday 15th July Sunday 17th July
Pohorje 229R Tuesday 12th July Tuesday 19th July Wednesday 20th July
Rio Madeira 227N Friday 15th July Friday 22nd July Saturday 23rd July



All Services - Cargo receival cut-off will be 12 hours before vessel arrival and this is published on the container vessel schedule. Standard R&D window applies.

Southern Star & OC1 - prenoting closes Friday 1200 for vessels arriving on the Sat/Sun/Mon and 18 hours prior to vessel arrival Tues/Wed/Thu/Fri.

MSC - Pre-noting as per MSC Daily Schedule.

*Containers arriving early without prior acceptance or without a prenote will not be off loaded at the port, this is for both RAIL and ROAD. Rail containers will remain on the wagon and be removed from site when the shunt leaves with KiwiRail.

If you have any further questions please contact


Please note that the information below may not reflect changes made to the schedule in the last five minutes.

4 Jul 22Rio Blanco9348089RBL224NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung PelepasPOL
4 Jul 22Arago9687667DepartureLPG15:30Cape ShippingWesternportLytteltonPOL
6 Jul 22Rio Blanco9348089RBL224NDepartureC/T07:15ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung PelepasPOL
8 Jul 22Sea Breeze9869710ArrivalT/U sheds09:45ISS-McKayLytteltonSea
8 Jul 22Cali9631101CLI226RArrivalC/T18:30MSCBluffLyttelton
9 Jul 22Cali9631101CLI226RDepartureC/T05:30MSCBluffLyttelton
9 Jul 22Rio Negro9357975NRO225NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung PelepasPOL
10 Jul 22Rio Negro9357975NRO225NDepartureC/T23:15ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung PelepasPOL
11 Jul 22Maersk Bintan9355288BIN226NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKayMelbourneTauranga
11 Jul 22Buffalo9149201ArrivalCement14:00Milburn NZLytteltonTimaru
12 Jul 22Fortunui8514930ArrivalX/Y sheds06:30Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
12 Jul 22Sea Breeze9869710DepartureT/U sheds11:30ISS-McKayLytteltonSea
12 Jul 22Sibulk Tradition9442902ArrivalBeach14:00ISS-McKayLytteltonSea
12 Jul 22Buffalo9149201DepartureCement16:00Milburn NZLytteltonTimaru
12 Jul 22Fortunui8514930ShiftLeith16:00Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
12 Jul 22Maersk Bintan9355288BIN226NDepartureC/T17:00ISS-McKayMelbourneTauranga
14 Jul 22MSC Sagitta 1119401166SAG227RArrivalC/T06:00MSCBluffLyttelton
14 Jul 22Fortunui8514930DepartureLeith16:00Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
14 Jul 22MSC Sagitta 1119401166SAG227RDepartureC/T16:00MSCBluffLytteltonPOL
15 Jul 22Nave Aquila9459072ArrivalOil Jetty16:00Quadrant PacifiLytteltonSea
16 Jul 22SFL Maui9635688SFM226NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
16 Jul 22Nave Aquila9459072DepartureOil Jetty15:30Quadrant PacifiLytteltonSea
16 Jul 22Forever Glory9796901ArrivalOil Jetty16:45ISS-McKayBluffSea
17 Jul 22Sibulk Tradition9442902DepartureBeach07:30ISS-McKayLytteltonSea
17 Jul 22SFL Maui9635688SFM226NDepartureC/T18:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
17 Jul 22Maersk Bogor9394882MBG227NArrivalC/T20:00ISS-McKayMelbourneTauranga
18 Jul 22Pacinui8319770ArrivalX/Y sheds06:30Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
18 Jul 22Forever Glory9796901DepartureOil Jetty08:00ISS-McKayBluffSea
18 Jul 22Pacinui8319770ShiftLeith16:00Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
18 Jul 22Maersk Bogor9394882MBG227NDepartureC/T23:00ISS-McKayMelbourneTauranga
20 Jul 22Pacinui8319770DepartureLeith16:00Sanford Sth Is.SeaSea
22 Jul 22Pohorje9294824POH229RArrivalC/T07:00MSCBluffLyttelton
22 Jul 22Pohorje9294824POH229RDepartureC/T17:00MSCBluffLyttelton
23 Jul 22Rio Madeira9348106MDA227NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
24 Jul 22Rio Madeira9348106MDA227NDepartureC/T23:15ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas