Container Depots

At Port Otago, customers have quick, straightforward access to serviceable containers.

Container Storage

Port Otago has container storage available for more than 7000 containers. A Container Management System ensures efficient handling of containers, while inventory management is enhanced by the FIFO (First In First Out) principle. Storage is available for 20 foot, 40 foot, over-dimensional and non-containerised cargo.

Container Repair

Port Otago Depot Services is able to repair all varieties of containers quickly and to the highest standard.

Container Wash

A wash pad for 72 containers provides efficient turnaround for dry or reefer containers prior to being dispatched to exporters for loading.

Reefer Container Management

Port Otago has more than 1,850 reefer points and 600 slots specifically designed for chilled monitoring and our Container Management System oversees the cargo movement. The high-value reefer trade is further supported by:

  • Pre-trip Inspection area for 140 containers 
  • 24-hour monitoring 
  • Dedicated area for chilled boxes, with comprehensive monitoring schedule