The ability to move cargo directly from point of manufacture to a port for consolidation and export can be a key advantage in supply chain management.

By establishing over 38,000 m2 of covered warehousing at Port Chalmers, built to the high standards required by the dairy industry, Port Otago has enabled a variety of exporters to streamline their operations by utilising our on-wharf warehousing.

Port Otago Warehousing at Port Chalmers offers:

  • Receiving of cargo for unitising or packaging 
  • Dry goods warehousing, directly adjacent to the container berths 
  • Excellent road and rail access to the warehouses 
  • An all-weather environmental loadout bay for both road and rail receiving 
  • Container vanning for all types of export products 
  • Computerised inventory management systems 
  • Palletising, labelling and other services

For more information about Port Otago's warehouse facilities please contact Deanna Matsopoulos at dmatsopoulos@portotago.co.nz or +64 21 229 8874.