Container Vessel Schedule


Due to continued vessel movements over the past few days please find the adjusted cargo receival windows below.

Rio Bravo 111N (ETA 17th)
First acceptance into port is on Saturday 3rd 0700
Last acceptance into port – Closed

Olivia Maersk 113N (ETA 20th)
First acceptance into port is on Saturday 10th 0700
Last acceptance into port is on Monday 19th 1700. (pre-note Saturday 1200)

Tejas 114R (ETA 21st)
First acceptance into port is on Tuesday 13th 0700
Last acceptance into port is on Tuesday 20th 1000. (pre-note Monday 1700)

Rio De La Plata 112N (ETA 22nd) Possibly delayed further
First acceptance into port is on Saturday 10th 0700
Last acceptance into port is on Wednesday 21st 1700. (pre-note Tuesday 1700)

Safmarine Bayete 114N (ETA 27th)
First acceptance into port is on Saturday 17th 0700
Last acceptance into port is on Saturday 24th 1500. (pre-note Friday 1700)

Northern Diamond 115R (ETA 1st )
First acceptance into port is on Wednesday 21st 0700
Last acceptance into port is on Friday 30th 1000. (pre-note Thursday 1700)

Rio De Janeiro 113N (ETA 1st)
First acceptance into port is on Saturday 24th 0700
Last acceptance into port is on Thursday 29th 2300. (pre-note Thursday 1200)


**Customers trying to bring in containers early or late for a vessel will not be off loaded at the port, this is for both RAIL and ROAD. Rail containers will remain on the wagon and be removed from site when the shunt leaves with KiwiRail.

If you have any further questions please contact


Please note that the information below may not reflect changes made to the schedule in the last five minutes.

17 Apr 21Rio Bravo9348091BRV111NArrivalC/T14:30ISS-McKay10 Apr 21 23:00LytteltonTanjung Pelepas
19 Apr 21Rio Bravo9348091BRV111NDepartureC/T21:15ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
20 Apr 21Olivia Maersk9251638OLI113NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKay15 Apr 21 23:00TimaruNapier
21 Apr 21Tejas9471238TEJ114RArrivalC/T10:00MSCLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
21 Apr 21Olivia Maersk9251638OLI113NDepartureC/T12:15ISS-McKayTimaruNapier
21 Apr 21Tejas9471238TEJ114RDepartureC/T23:30MSCLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
22 Apr 21Rio De La Plata9357951PLA112NArrivalC/T08:30ISS-McKay17 Apr 21 23:00LytteltonTanjung Pelepas
23 Apr 21Rio De La Plata9357951PLA112NDepartureC/T18:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
25 Apr 21Safmarine Bayete9355355BAY114NArrivalC/T20:0022 Apr 21 23:00UnknownUnknown
26 Apr 21Safmarine Bayete9355355BAY114NDepartureC/T13:00UnknownUnknown
30 Apr 21Rio de Janeiro9357963RIO113NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKay24 Apr 21 23:00LytteltonTanjung Pelepas
01 May 21Northern Diamond9405033NDI115RArrivalC/T14:00MSCBluffTanjung Pelepas
01 May 21Rio de Janeiro9357963RIO113NDepartureC/T18:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
02 May 21Northern Diamond9405033NDI115RDepartureC/T03:00MSCBluffTanjung Pelepas
03 May 21Spirit of Sydney9391672SYD115NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKay29 Apr 21 23:00TimaruNapier
03 May 21MSC Alabama9123166ALA118RArrivalC/T07:00MSCLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
03 May 21MSC Alabama9123166ALA118RDepartureC/T20:00MSCLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
04 May 21Monte Rosa9283215MOR114NArrivalM/P06:00ISS-McKay01 May 21 23:00LytteltonTanjung Pelepas
04 May 21Spirit of Sydney9391672SYD115NDepartureC/T14:00ISS-McKayTimaruNapier
05 May 21Monte Rosa9283215MOR114NDepartureM/P13:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
07 May 21Oluf Maersk9251626OLF116NArrivalC/T07:00ISS-McKay06 May 21 23:00TimaruNapier
07 May 21Oluf Maersk9251626OLF116NDepartureC/T23:00ISS-McKayTimaruNapier
10 May 21Rio Madeira9348106MDA115NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKay08 May 21 23:00LytteltonTanjung Pelepas
10 May 21Majd9323027MAJ116RArrivalC/T16:00MSCBluffLyttelton
11 May 21Majd9323027MAJ116RDepartureC/T06:00MSCBluffLyttelton
11 May 21Wieland9654464WIE119RArrivalC/T07:00MSCLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
11 May 21Rio Madeira9348106MDA115NDepartureC/T09:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
11 May 21Wieland9654464WIE119RDepartureC/T17:00MSCLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
14 May 21Sagitta9401166SAG120RArrivalC/T07:00MSCLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
14 May 21Spirit of Auckland9360752AKL117NArrivalC/T07:00Wilhelmsen Ship13 May 21 23:00MelbourneNapier
14 May 21Sagitta9401166SAG120RDepartureC/T23:00MSCLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
14 May 21Spirit of Auckland9360752AKL117NDepartureC/T23:00Wilhelmsen ShipMelbourneNapier
16 May 21Rio Blanco9348089RBL116NArrivalC/T06:00ISS-McKay15 May 21 23:00LytteltonTanjung Pelepas
17 May 21Rio Blanco9348089RBL116NDepartureC/T21:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
21 May 21Olga Maersk9251614OLG118NArrivalC/T07:0020 May 21 23:00TimaruNapier
21 May 21Olga Maersk9251614OLG118NDepartureC/T23:00TimaruNapier
23 May 21Rio Bravo9348091BRV117NArrivalC/T14:00ISS-McKay22 May 21 23:00LytteltonTanjung Pelepas
24 May 21Rio Bravo9348091BRV117NDepartureC/T21:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
28 May 21Spirit of Melbourne9362413MEL119NArrivalC/T07:00Wilhelmsen Ship27 May 21 23:00MelbourneNapier
28 May 21Spirit of Melbourne9362413MEL119NDepartureC/T23:00Wilhelmsen ShipMelbourneNapier
30 May 21Rio de Janeiro9357963RIO120NArrivalC/T07:00ISS-McKay29 May 21 23:00LytteltonTanjung Pelepas
30 May 21Rio De La Plata9357951PLA119NArrivalC/T14:00ISS-McKay29 May 21 23:00LytteltonTanjung Pelepas
31 May 21Rio De La Plata9357951PLA119NDepartureC/T21:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
31 May 21Rio de Janeiro9357963RIO120NDepartureC/T23:00ISS-McKayLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
02 Jun 21Northern Diamond9405033NDI121RArrivalC/T07:00MSCLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
02 Jun 21Northern Diamond9405033NDI121RDepartureC/T23:00MSCLytteltonTanjung Pelepas
04 Jun 21Maersk Bintan9355288BIN121NArrivalC/T07:00ISS-McKay03 Jun 21 23:00UnknownUnknown
04 Jun 21Maersk Bintan9355288BIN121NDepartureC/T23:00ISS-McKayUnknownUnknown